1. By registering an Atlantiss account, you agree to the following rules/guidelines and have read and understood the associated penalties.

  2. Atlantiss is a platform providing players with a Burning Crusade and Cataclysm Server. These servers are both developed by different teams. As such, certain features covered by the following rules below may only be applicable to a specific realm.


  1. Atlantiss administration reserves the right to change any rules at any given time. If a player disagrees with a certain change, they reserve the right to suspend their account within 7 days by writing to [email protected] after a certain rule is enforced.

  2. The email address used during the account registration process is bound to it permanently and cannot be changed. It is the player's responsibility to make sure it's active and is not accessible by any other person.

  3. Issues that can't be solved by a Game Master (after he/she states it) must be reported on our [email protected] email with a detailed description.

  4. Every FORUM/SERVER/TEAMSPEAK/DISCORD user must follow the Netiquette.

  5. Playing on our server is completely free and open to everyone.

  6. Any decisions from Administrators or Gamemasters are final and indisputable (Except In cases where new information is obtained after the decision is made that could affect the outcome).

  7. Cases that are not covered by these rules will be investigated individually.

  8. Any objections or appeals must be reported within 1 month from the date of the ban by an Email Message to Administration: [email protected] (we require a piece of strong supporting evidence such as screenshots/videos). Complaints written on the forum will be deleted.

  9. Rules regarding screenshots being used as evidence:
    1. In-game chat must be extended to its maximum to provide access to a full message context.
    2. It is not allowed to modify the screenshot in ANY way. The Atlantiss Team will provide full anonymity to the person reporting the offence.
    3. The administration staff does not have to show proofs regarding a case. All punishments are discussed internally, the evidence is checked in an in-depth manner and the punishment is consistent with the violation.

  10. Administrators take no responsibility for your account, its content or information loss. Setting up a strong password by taking advantage of our IP Lock and 2-Factor Authentication is the best way to protect it.
    1. Remember! No Atlantiss staff member will ask for your account details. Your account information should stay solely in your possession. The administration staff takes no responsibility for hacked accounts.
  11. GMs/Admins do not change the race/class/sex of a character, they do not change a nickname nor make character transfers, do not move/exchange/give items/gold, do not complete quests for any players (it can be done only in cases with no other solution) and will not return items/honor/ap/rating/gold etc lost because of dc/player's fault/technical problems/actions by a third party.*
    1. Server Administration does not delete inactive characters in order to free a nickname or gain any profits.
    2. Server Administration does not delete characters on demand - this action can only be done by the character's owner.
    3. Server Administration can demand a player to change the nickname of his character if it doesn't respect character naming rules or does not meet community standards. If the player does not comply, his character's nickname will be changed to a random one, and the player will receive a 7-day ban.

  12. Administrators will not undo or reverse the following actions:
    1. Using a Scroll of Ressurection (SoR) on a wrong character.
    2. Linking a wrong account to Recruit-A-Friend program.
    3. Using or sending an item to a wrong character.
    4. It is not possible to receive a higher character level or have its level decreased.

  13. Administrators will not return the following:
    1. Used Vote Points (VP) or Premium Points (PP).
    2. Purchased items or services from the account panel.
    3. *Only in specific cases will we consider returning items which have made a permanent track in the database and could not be deleted or given away in any way by the player (e.g. reputations, quest rewards (not daily).

  14. Administrators reserve the right to shut down/restart the server at any given time in a case of unforeseen situations like improvements, changes, updates, maintenance, and technical problems.

  15. Members of Atlantiss staff can play on private characters, the publicity of these accounts are at the user’s discretion. The staff will in no way support any players, guilds, friends or factions. If you suspect an Atlantiss staff member of abusing their powers, you can report it on [email protected]

  16. Chat owners and moderators are responsible for the behaviour on global chats. They can kick or ban any players who are not abiding by the Rules. Administrators will only take steps in case of Owner/Moderator inactivity. It refers to any channels despite guild/whisper chat, but only to a certain extent.
    1. In the case of continuous and groundless banning/kicking/muting players by the owner, there are sought penalties, Administrators will decide about them.

  17. We will not interfere in a case of private messages - there is an "ignore" function for it.
    1. We will only act in the most severe situations, and these must be reported too [email protected]

  18. Staff members are not required to answer questions written on whisper or public channels. If you need help from a staff member, contact them on private or send a ticket in-game.

  19. You may recognize a GM by a "Blizzard" logo by their nickname and a "GM" title above their character. Most GMs public characters are members of the "Atlantiss Staff" guild. If by any chance, there is a suspicion of someone impersonating a GM, you should request to speak with another GM (Preferably using a secure system such as an In-Game Ticket) 
    1. The Impersonation of any administration staff member in any way (simply calling oneself an administrator, developer, a GM; using the "Blizzard" logo; any similar behaviour) is strictly forbidden.

  20. Every administration staff member may enter a raid of any guild/party, except for his personal character's guild/party.
    1. During such action, the GM character is required to be in the GM mode and Invisible.
    2. In case of exploiting or bugging with premeditation during such a visit, the investigating GM may wipe the raid, kick each raid member from the server or punish the raid members with a ban.

  21. The main chat channel is "world" and its obligatory language is English. The website and the forum are English. Comments must be written in English. All posts/comments that break this rule will be removed and the user will be punished.


  1. Communicating in-game with other Users and Atlantiss representatives, whether, by text, voice or any other method, (Server/Forum/TeamSpeak/Email/Discord/Social Media) is an integral part of the Game and the Service and is referred to here as "Chat." When engaging in Chat, you may not:
    1. Transmit or post any content or language which, in the sole and absolute discretion of Atlantiss, is deemed to be offensive, including without limitation content or language that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable, nor may you use a misspelling or an alternative spelling to circumvent the content and language restrictions listed above.

  2. Every person playing on this server is equal, regardless of previous servers or the faction (Alliance and Horde), the player should be respected. Breaking this rule will be severely punished.

  3. Gaining any profits from the game (selling/buying accounts/gold/items/time etc. (also selling/buying attempts)) is strictly forbidden. In the case of breaking this rule, we will impose a permanent ban.

  4. Bugging and exploiting server bugs with premeditation and without reporting will be SEVERELY punished.

  5. It is banned to use cheats/3rd party programs (For example fly hack, speed hack, teleport) or bots (programs which aim is to help you in e.g. farming - auto click, auto move, fish bot etc.). Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban.

  6. Any advertisements of other servers/websites/products is forbidden. When banning for the first time for advertising we will consider the players' history and the scale of the problem. Any further Infraction afterwards is awarded a permanent ban.

  7. There is an outright ban for impersonation of any staff member and communication with players on their behalf. Punishment is a permanent ban.

  8. Griefing, such as graveyard, corpse or NPC camping is bannable if done in a stalking, continuous fashion with the sole aim of ruining other players' experience.

  9. Arena match-fixing or any type of Arena Boosting (even for in-game gold) is SEVERELY punished. If we discover this type of action, below mentioned things will be deleted:
    1. All items received by the arena system
    2. Arena points
    3. Honor points
    4. Arena team

  10. Multiboxing of any type is strictly forbidden. A player is not allowed to be logged in on more than 1 account at any given time.

  11. Any client modifications, fov hack fixes and similar are not allowed and will be punished with the exception of WoD models.

  12. Baseless accusations partiality, charges without proofs, insults, and denigration of any of the staff member will be severely punished.

  13. It is forbidden to send addresses and links to private profiles on any of the Atlantiss platforms. Intentional publication of personal details to embarrass or harm anyone will be punished.

  14. Any kind of harmful actions against the server will be punished with a permanent ban.

  15. The penalty is put on an account, not the person. There are three exceptions to this rule - perm bans, gold exploits, and IP bans. All accounts associated with the account being banned will be banned, sharing your account with a player that gets perm banned can cause your accounts to also get perm banned. IP bans are for acting in harmful ways against the server or repeatedly breaking the server rules.

  16. Account sharing is forbidden and will be punished.
  17. The Atlantiss staff reserves the right to choose the type of punishment according to the gravity of the situation. We also have the right to punish people due to an offence that is not directly listed in the rules.
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