Heroic Dragon Soul
4 months ago 11 Realms: Dragonwrath 4.3.4

Heroic mode of the Dragon Soul raid is finally here!

The date is set to:

26th of September 2018 19:00

With many battles, wipes and strategy learning, we hope the Heroic mode will bring you many new challenges to test your characters in.


With the release of Heroic mode, we've officially progressed to Heroic Tier 13, the last tier of the Cataclysm expansion, but don't worry, the journey doesn't end here. We still have more content to script and bugs to fix and that is what we plan to focus on after the release while preparing for the future, currently with no ETA, fresh realm launch.

Taking this opportunity, we'd also like to reassure our community that we've a separate team working on the Cataclysm expansion, which will ultimately work on the future fresh launch. Some of our testers already prepared a solid ground on which we’ll conduct our tests.

In the upcoming days we'll also debate on the future changes to the PvP scene with the introduction of the Heroic gear and organise a new Art Contest for every artist out there!

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Comments (11)
Bloodycancer 2 months ago
Will the the 2nd part of fangs of the father questline be scripted anytime soon?
wujek420 2 months ago
rip atlantiss it was a nice time
osjka007c 3 months ago
RIP sweet server.
leanka1975 4 months ago
need to know when to they would fix some bugs
kalevra 4 months ago
Any news on possible fixes? Please? Just an official announcement on how things will continue would be nice.
betasqualo 4 months ago
fangs of the father questline is bugged,cant finish the first quest.
rifraf 4 months ago
finally after 6 years lol
koosha089 4 months ago
What about the fangs of the father questline for rogues will that be accesible with the raid?
YelowFlash 4 months ago
Are you going to script raid finder?.
Ssparrow 4 months ago
What about transfers will you introduce second wave of it?
Dbredron420 4 months ago
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